Measuring the Efficacy of Land Acknowledgements

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January 27, 2023
1:00pm - 2:00pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)

As Indigenous Land Acknowledgements gain in popularity amongst institutions in what is now known as the United States, it has become apparent that some statements represent a genuine commitment to decolonization while others fall short - but what makes a Land Acknowledgement one that activates change? Join us in an extended discussion focused on the efficacy of Indigenous Land Acknowledgement, guides for cultural institutions, and meaningful steps towards advocacy, action and change.

We will be presenting a Land Acknowledgement metric that was created as a tool to prompt substantive change, moving from rhetoric to action. The webpage that was developed provides an online database of published Land Acknowledgements and an in-depth survey. Join our working group to continue our discussion post-ATALM 2022. We will discuss the project history and the legacy of work that the web resource builds upon. We welcome additional resources, thoughts, and suggestions for building out this metric in a way that is useful for the larger conversation around #EverythingBack.

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PDF of Survey Questions


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