ENRICH: Equity for Indigenous Research and Innovation – A Co-ordinating Hub


ENRICH centers on Indigenous rights to develop, control, and govern Indigenous data. ENRICH responds to the challenges of accelerated production and use of data across government, scientific, and innovation platforms which can exacerbate the appropriation of Indigenous knowledge and the alienation of Indigenous peoples from digitally enabled futures. Remembering the past and integrating Indigenous wisdom into our institutional structures creates space for Indigenous communities to become integral members of our global shared future.

Our Drive

ENRICH supports the development of Indigenous based protocols, Indigenous centered standard setting mechanisms, and machine-focused technology that inform policy, transform institutional and research practices, and reform relationships between Indigenous communities and wider society.

Our Focus

ENRICH is focused on developing transformative practices for change through enhancing Indigenous control of Indigenous data, Indigenous self-determination, Indigenous participation in STEM, and the creation of our digital futures.

Our Commitment

Research by ENRICH network collaborators articulates Indigenous notions of privacy and enhances Indigenous peoples’ capabilities and capacities to make decisions about how and under what circumstances data that derives from Indigenous contexts can be used.

Our Network

As an international initiative that leverages the Indigenous networks of the Global Indigenous Data Alliance (GIDA), and the digital strategy initiative Local Contexts, ENRICH utilizes a Hub and Spoke model to facilitate the strategic exchange of knowledge and resources through an integrated and regionally-distributed network.


Professor Jane Anderson – Co-Director

Jane Anderson is an Associate Professor at New York University in Lenapehoking (New York) and Global Fellow in the Engelberg Center for Innovation Law and Policy in the Law School at NYU. Jane has a Ph.D. in Law from the Law School at University of New South Wales in Australia. Their work is focused on intellectual and cultural property law, Indigenous rights and the protection of Indigenous/traditional knowledge and cultural heritage.

For the last 20 years Jane has been working for and with Indigenous communities to find, access, control, and regain authority and ownership of Indigenous cultural and intellectual property collections and data within universities, libraries, museums and archives. Jane has worked in international policy contexts with the World Intellectual Property Organization and written international guidelines for cultural institutions supporting repatriation and restitution of Indigenous collections and accompanying intellectual property. With the Penobscot Nation in Maine, Jane runs training workshops for US-based Tribes on IP law, policy and support for tribal decision making about research conducted on Indigenous lands and waters.

Jane is the co-founder (with Professor Kim Christen, Washington State University) of Local Contexts.


Professor Maui Hudson – Co-Director

Maui Hudson is from Whakatōhea, Ngā Ruahine and Te Māhurehure. He is an Associate Professor, Te Kotahi Research Institute at the University of Waikato, focusing on the application of mātauranga Māori to decision-making across a range of contemporary contexts from new technologies to health, the environment to innovation.

Māui supports Māori to engage in the research sector and advocates for Indigenous rights and interests through Te Mana Raraunga: Māori Data Sovereignty Network, the Global Indigenous Data Alliance (GIDA), and the Summer Internship for Indigenous Genomics Aotearoa (SING Aotearoa).

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