Land Acknowledgement Initiative

As Indigenous Land Acknowledgements gain in popularity amongst institutions in what is now known as the United States, it has become apparent that some statements represent a genuine commitment to decolonization while others fall short - but what makes a Land Acknowledgement one that activates change?

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ENRICH is proud to support the Survey and Guide for Indigenous Land and Territorial Acknowledgement for Institutions.

This resource has been developed to identify the components that can contribute to a Land Acknowledgement that initiates steps towards meaningful and equitable relationship building with Indigenous communities and establishes commitments that directly lead to change.

This project around Land Acknowledgements has been collectively built over a number of years. It brings together independent practices as well as connects into already existing Indigenous-led and creatively driven projects of return: of lands, of waters, of languages, of ancestors, of everything that has been taken. Each of the contributors brings critical questions to the practice of Land Acknowledgements.

This survey aims to expand the conversation around how Land Acknowledgements are formed, who they serve, and what they can lead to. This survey is for anyone who has encountered, created, developed, contributed to, or experienced a land acknowledgment.